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Human Design

Deep Dive Courses

Courses that Deep Dive Into Understanding the Human Design Types

I created these courses to give all Human Design types a deep understanding of how their type operates in the world. 

We are all completely unique beings based on all of the aspects of our chart. Understanding our Human Design Type is the first step in living according to our Design

Having a deep understanding of how we're designed to operate according to our type allows us to live in alignment so we can be on purpose and fulfill our potential.


  • The Aura of your type and how it operates in the world and in relation to others

  • Your type's Strategy and how you're designed to interact with life to reduce outside resistance

  • The different variations of your type and how to know which one you are

  • Emotional themes that let you know when you're in and out of alignment

  • Your type's strengths and challenges

  • Health themes for your type

  • Your type's Wealth themes

  • Your type's Relationship themes & more







What's Included

  • Multiple Modules in each course with more being added

  • Human Design Overview to help you Understand the system and how it can help you

  • A deep Dive into the your Type

  • Video and Audio Exercise to reconnect to strategy

  • Contemplations to embody your type and live in alignment

  • Video Content & workbook

  • Lifetime Access + access to new content as it's released

  • New modules will be added and price will increase to reflect additional content so get it now at the current price

What Others Have to Say...

This course was so insightful and informative. I knew a little Human Design before and have been doing a lot of personal development work. Vanessa explains the details using the right words and examples I could really understand the content and context. I received important advice on how to set better boundaries and how to apply my Generator type and really embody it.

Jess Hell 4/1 Sacral Generator

The information in this course is spot on for me. I feel very seen as a Human Design Manifestor.

It's really affirmed what I already knew about myself, and gave me permission to really own that. The material is presented in a very clear way. Vanessa is doing great work in the world!

Susan Frankovich 6/2 Emotional Manifestor

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